Poseyala Baba

Rather poor video

The dance as we know it is a very simple walking dance, is:

Line lead from right, moving right all the time, hands V, starting R, two steps then two faster steps.
Repeat this twice more
Five steps, then three faster steps making them heavy (like stamps) and bending the knees slightly while doing so.
Repeat until end of music.

Leader leads the line around the room anywhere that they care to go.

The music and words (in Ukrainian) can be found here. Jessica's Russian friend says this of the song:

"They are singing about an old lady who has hemps seeds and she is sowing them.
They repeat it a few times.
Then they see a crane and talk about it and say she should put the crane into a cage.
My friend thought it was a funny song."

Putting the words into Google translate (and guessing that the lines with hyphens are just the way the words are extended in the song) gives:

Folk Ukrainian and South Russian song

Sowed grandma, sowed grandma
Sowed beans | (2)
Oh, yes hemp!

Hemp-p-p (x3)
Hemp, oh yes hemp. | (2)

How did you get there? (x3)
Crane. Oh crane!

Crane-ane-ane (x3)
Crane, oh yeah crane! | (2)

I catch you | (2)
Crane, oh, yes, Crane!
Crane-ane-ane (x3)
Crane, oh yes crane. | (2)

I put you in a cage | (3)
I'll plant, oh let's plant.

I'll plant-ant-ant (x3)
I'll plant, oh let's plant.

Performed by the Cuban Cossack Choir

Which isn't entirely satsifactory, but seems to agree.