A dance from the Kalymnos island in the Dodecanese chain in Greece.

It depicts the disability caused by "the bends" when sponge divers surface too quickly. The lead dancer acts disables but eventually summons up energy to dance. This is described in Wikipedia and its source:

It is the so-called "Engineer's Dance". It is a representation of the "caught" engineer, ie the diver who was diving with scuba gear and has been "caught", that is, he has suffered from the "diver's disease" (semi-paralysis).
The lyrics were created, in 1950, by Larios organist and composer, Stamatis Hatzidakis. Patriarch of one of the most famous Greek families Traditional music and creator of the famous Dodecanese Singing Group Hatzidakis.

We were taught in Eastbourne 2009 and as it is more-or-less on the spot, it is ideal for a small space. Andrew Hardwick made detailed notes from that session.
Our video shows this version.

Other people have different choreographies. This preformance probably has the best acting.

A non-costume version uses the same steps us us, but the faster section goes round the whole circle rather than a personal one.

Sarah has translated the Greek words:

Either I will become a mechanic
or I will stay on the beach.

Take care, guide,
With oil on your hands.

Train me properly
So that you don't destroy my legs.

And if I die, don't cry for me;
Bury me on the beach.