Photographs of special events.

July 2020 - in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic - we danced outside at the West Oxford Community Centre.

Some dances are "Socially distant" by nature

The group posed for a photo - still distant!
In July 2014, our founder Paul Chow brought some of his students from Taiwan.  They came for three weeks and greatly enjoyed themselves.
Pose Yala Baba
Taking the scenic route
Tzaddik Katamar
We were rather more crowded than usual

Off to the South Pacific
Bruil de la Fagaras
Some dances were only suitable for the experienced and energetic!
Samba mixer
Not all our dances are traditional

We used to dance on Port Meadow on the longest day.  Usually it rained, but one year we had wonderful weather.  The ground was bumpy and we had to clear off the goose droppings, but we all had fun!

Port Meadow 2000 Image 1Port Meadow 2000 image 2

Every February we take our dances to the Archway group. Until recently the hall they used had carpet on concrete, as in these pictures.  Now they have a hall with a very pleasant wooden floor.

Archway 2002 image 1
Archway 2002 image 2 Archway 2004

This is the team of 2010, ready for action.

Occassionally we run a dance on a Saturday in a larger hall.  Here are some pictures of the one in 2008, thanks to Mandy.
Party 2008 Image 1 Party 2008 Image 2