Continuation Video (CoVid) strategy

Since we cannot meet to dance on Wednesday evenings, we are suggesting that people join in with a "virtual" dance with us. Each week we will suggest a dance to learn or recall and give links to videos that we think are worthwhile watching. The dance will be listed here afterwards.

Suggested dances:

  • Alunelul (Romania)
    1. Clear teaching also explains the lyrics at the end (actually on a different occasion and the dance comes again afterwards with better lighting). They hold their hands low (V) whereas we have ours in "W" hold.
    2. Lively dancing. They use the same recording that we do. They use shoulder hold, which I have never encountered in England.
    3. Children's stage performance
  • Nigun Atik (Israel)
    1. Teaching steps
    2. Full circle.
  • Poseyala Baba (Ukraine)
    There is a rather poor video here
    The recording and words can be found here
    A fuller story is on the sub-page